AI, as applied today

In the past five years, AI has made some remarkable achievements. Objects can be accurately recognised in images randomly picked from the Internet, and human champions in games of skill and chance such as Go and Texas Hold ‘Em poker have been beaten. Technologies thought impossible only a few years ago, such as automated driving, are now a reality.

Impressive as these accomplishments are, they merely skim the surface of the number of challenges currently in need of solutions. Many real problems facing industry and society today remain to be solved and AI and machine learning can, in many instances, play a vital role. Yet figuring out how to apply them to any of these problems may seem daunting, even to the most dedicated professional.


Neuranext has the potential to assist. We start the AI journey by asking “What do you want to achieve?” This is step one in determining if AI can assist to solve a specific problem. We then advise what may be done, which can include helping clients to frame the problem by assisting them to identify and define key metrics, variables and datasets. From there we commence a journey of research and development, culminating in a deployable system that will enhance outcomes for the specific task. Example industries where our abilities can be deployed are medicine, engineering and security.

Our scope

Neuranext’s Director, Chairman and co-founder, Dr Andrew Kyngdon, has the experience to work with clients on problems that involve making decisions of a high stakes nature. He has several years experience in high stakes situations involving large scale datasets. Neuranext believes that high stakes situations reinforce our underlying philosophy – that we work to assist people to solve problems. After all, the most powerful Neural Network ever devised is the human brain.

If you feel that you have a problem that you think AI or Machine Learning can help solve, please contact us using the facilities below. We are based in Sydney, Australia.

Neuranext Pty Ltd

Who we are

Neuranext is led by four skilled professionals with extensive experience in academia, research and commercial operations.

Dr Andrew Kyngdon

Dr Kyngdon earned his PhD in psychometrics and mathematical psychology from Western Sydney University. He is currently working on an Artificial Intelligence project in which a Long Term Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network is trained to mark scanned images of handwritten essays. Whilst fluent in both the R and Python languages for Machine Learning and AI, Dr Kyngdon prefers to use powerful AI libraries such as TensorFlow, Torch and CAFFE for his work. He regularly attends the Sydney Data Science Breakfast and Sydney Artificial Intelligence Meetups.

Peter F

Peter is a Communications professional who has worked with some of the world’s most valuable blue-chip brands for 17 years. He has helped build the public profiles of some of the biggest multi-national corporations through targeted public relations and by regularly landing media coverage in many of the largest publications. Peter earned his B.A. (Honours) Psychology from Western Sydney University from his research into prison inmates’ reactions to social and spatial density.

Adrian Tyson

Adrian has extensive experience in business operations and managing growth across multi-state operations. He managed a decade of double-digit growth to ten million dollars annual revenue in extremely lean economic conditions. Adrian has successfully managed acquisitions and their integration as well as start-ups in light manufacturing, film services and importing businesses. In the creative space as a screenwriter, producer and director Adrian has twice had short films selected for the Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage section (2014 & 2017). Adrian earned his B.A. Psychology & Master of Teaching from Western Sydney University.

Daniel Kind

Daniel combines twenty years of information technology experience with ten years of focussed electronic and data security consulting. With a practical and efficient Project management approach to enterprise technical challenges, Daniel remains resolutely dedicated to the demystification and creative delivery of secure and valuable human to machine solutions.

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