Now delivering Program Version 10 with the latest updates including ChatGPT-4o, Microsoft Copilot, Generative A.I., GPT4 Vision, Robotics & more (June 2024)

Neuranext Education is at the leading edge of STEM education in Australia, Director Adrian Tyson has inspired over 6000 students since March 2019 with Artificial Intelligence science and technology school incursions, after school, vacation care and holiday programs.
At Neuranext we are committed to delivering highly engaging experiential learning programs that utilise live implementations of A.I. Included in our programs are live computer vision tasks for object detection, human pose estimation and computer vision for self driving cars. We have recently added the very latest in A.I. powered quadruped robotics to supercharge student engagement with A.I.
Neuranext is a proud member of Amazon’s AWS EdStart program and NVIDIA’s Inception program for A.I. Startups. Neuranext has been hosted by Microsoft Store Sydney and for multiple years at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights Discovery Centre.
Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that is almost impossible for business and education leaders to keep up, let alone filter this new information through a syllabus into classroom practice. At Neuranext we seek to bring exposure to the cutting edge of science and technology to students in easy to understand, interactive activities that support the Digital Technology Syllabus. By demystifying and clarifying how these new technologies work we seek to empower young people to get involved, to spark their interest and go in the STEM direction in their education, to show them that they can participate, they can understand things like Artificial Intelligence, and to prevent them being left behind by all of this rapid technological change.
One of the key ways we teach about Artificial Intelligence is we get students to probe its weaknesses, to create data that is outside the training data, and get them to try to predict how the A.I. will deal with their data. This kind of interaction with the technology gets students thinking about the inner workings of the technology and drives understanding in students.

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Developed in collaboration with Sydney-based company Neuranext and taught by experienced educators with strong backgrounds in both technology and education, AI in Schools covers a wide range of critical topics including computer vision, natural language processing, AI powered cutting edge robotics, and generative AI such as Stable Diffusion and Large Language Models ...

A.I. Consciousness Talks - Can a robot have a soul?

60 Minute talks with discussion and question time. Explore with your students the debate around A.I. and human-level intelligence and what it means for the future of technology.” In person at your school.
Covering: We hear a lot about A.I. and the Singularity, a time when A.I. achieves or surpasses human intelligence, but what is intelligence, and what is consciousness? Explore the dominant and not so dominant theories of consciousness and how they relate to A.I. What are the implications of these theories, and could A.I. ever achieve human-level intelligence? These themes and more will stretch your student’s critical thinking and get them questioning what A.I. can and can’t do and what it means for them as they move into an A.I. powered workforce.

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What students say about our course at Cherrybrook Public School

Artificial Intelligence was really fun and educational. I learnt lots about how it works and what it can do. Artificial Intelligence is very cool and interesting. I was so surprised when I found out what A.I can achieve. I enjoyed watching the robots race around the track. I think Mr Tyson presented it beautifully and it was really easy to understand. I also enjoyed the part when we had to pick which picture was a made up person. Overall, I had a fabulous time and I would happily learn more.

Schools who have hosted previous A.I. programs for students include: Liverpool Girls High School, Camden South Public School, Belmont High School, Broughton Anglican College, Elderslie Public School, Cherrybrook Public School, Radford College Canberra, Fadden Primary, Charles Weston School, Sutherland North Public School, Balgowlah Heights Public School, Bronte Public School, Amaroo School Canberra and Thornleigh West Public School.

Neuranext's Teacher Professional Development Course, Artificial Intelligence in the Future Focused School.

What St Columba Anglican College had to say about our Teacher Professional Development

Some schools who have hosted our previous Teacher PD include: Tweed Heads South Public School, Grafton Public School, Southern Cross Public School Ballina, Bishop Druitt College Coffs Harbour, St Columba Anglican School Port Macquarie and Jamison High School.

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Participate in Day of AI after our Neuranext Incursion to extend your students learning

Day of AI   |   May 18, 2023

If you think your students should consider a future in tech, this is the free STEM aligned program for your classroom. The Day of AI is a full day of highly interactive teaching materials for students Year 5 to Year 10 about artificial intelligence. The Day of AI materials are designed by MIT, i2Learning, UNSW and CS in Schools to support all teachers with AI education – no need for teachers to have a computer science background.

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