CEBIT hosts Neuranext A.I. Activation.

Sydney, AUSTRALIA (22 October 2019) – Australian technology start-up Neuranext will be demonstrating a sample of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation at the 2019 CEBIT technology trade show in Sydney, from 29-31 October. 

Neuranext is using the annual technology industry showcase to demonstrate its AI-powered autonomous robotic cars, the same clever scale-model vehicles the company uses in its pioneering AI in Schools program, an Australian-first education program that introduces primary school students and their teachers to the rapidly developing technology of AI.

Neuranext’s managing director, Adrian Tyson, said CEBIT is an important opportunity to promote current and future technologies and to connect with the right people and organisations to advance them even further.

“In addition to our research and development work with AI, our focus is on advancing the reach and impact of our AI in Schools Program,” he said. “Promoting the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in Australian schools will help grow our future community of scientific leaders and CEBIT is an important platform to illustrate the work we are doing.”

The Sydney-based technology company established its AI in Schools program to stimulate local students’ interest in the scientific world by introducing them to the fascinating possibilities of AI.  The program was developed by two of Neuranext’s co-founders, Dr Andrew Kyngdon and Adrian Tyson, and sees students learn about AI’s history and scientific underpinnings, its present state of development, and its practical limits. Students also receive insights into the technology’s realistic future applications and the supporting changes it could bring to societies. 

The incursion-based program includes AI-based activities such as detecting and classifying objects using computer vision as well as operating a scale-model car specifically programmed with autonomous driving technology, the same units on display at CEBIT 2019. 

“Our self-driving cars are always the most popular part of the course,” Tyson said.  

Neuranext will be at CEBIT 2019 from 29-31 October 2019. 

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What: Neuranext at CEBIT 2019 (

Where: ICC (International Convention Centre) Sydney, 14 Darling Drive Sydney NSW 2000

When: 29-31 October 2019   

Contact:  Adrian Tyson at Neuranext (; tel. +61 (0) 466 568 769)

For schools or organisations seeking to learn more about Neuranext’s AI in Schoolsprogram, please contact


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Neuranext is an Australian company specializing in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in commercial and non-commercial settings. Neuranext assists its clients to solve problems that involve high-stakes decision-making in situations involving large-scale datasets. The company is led by four skilled professionals with extensive experience in academia, research and commercial operations. 

Neuranext is Chaired by a data scientist specialising in psychometrics and mathematical psychology. The company uses both the R and Python languages for Machine Learning and uses Caffe, Caffe2, PyTorch and TensorFlow in its A.I. work. Neuranext is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception Program for A.I. Startups. Visit

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