CSIRO drives STEM Education in Australia

Sydney, AUSTRALIA (6 December 2019) Efforts to encourage western-Sydney school students to pursue STEM subjects and career paths has received a strong push at the recent CSIRO Generation STEM showcase at Camden Council.  

Sydney-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Neuranext was among other technology businesses and leaders at the recent Camden Project Showcase, held by the Camden Region economic Taskforce, Camden Council and the CSIRO as part of a push to connect local schools and industry with the goal of providing avenues for students to develop their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills in a meaningful way. 

The public showcase event saw students from two local high schools, Elderslie and Mater Dei, present their innovative STEM-based solutions to local commercial and industry problems, demonstrating the real-world effectiveness of the CSIRO’s innovative program.

“Neuranext’s own AI in Schools program is working to deliver the same outcomes Generation STEM is pursuing,” said Adrian Tyson, the company’s managing director. “It’s tremendous to see the CSIRO driving this important initiative because it’s clear Australia needs to focus on advancing STEM education in local school students.”

“Last year there were almost 3.9 million students enrolled in schools across Australia and we need to show them the fascination of STEM learning and the exciting paths it can lead to,” Tyson said. “Students typically perceive STEM-related subjects as more challenging to understand and master and our company sees a great opportunity to turn their fears into fascination.”

Neuranext’s pioneering AI in Schools program sees students discover AI’s history and scientific underpinnings along with its current state of development, its practical limits and the technology’s realistic future applications. They also learn about the supporting changes it could bring to societies and undertakeactivities using AI technology, such as detecting and classifying objects using computer vision as well as operating a scale-model car specifically programmed with autonomous driving technology. 

Developed by two of the company’s co-founders established the pioneering program is available as an incursion (in-class session) or school holiday program. For schools or organisations seeking to learn more about Neuranext’s AI in Schoolsprogram, please contact

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Neuranext is Chaired by a data scientist specialising in psychometrics and mathematical psychology. The company uses both the R and Python languages for Machine Learning and uses Caffe, Caffe2, PyTorch and TensorFlow in its A.I. work. Neuranext is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception Program for A.I. Startups. Visit

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