Neuranext Brings Artificial Intelligence Education to Australian Schools

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title=”Neuranext Brings Artificial Intelligence Education to Australian Schools”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sydney, AUSTRALIA (13 August 2018) – Australian technology company Neuranext is about to launch Australia’s first in-schools education program for artificial intelligence (AI).

The Sydney-based company has pioneered an incursion-based education program to introduce school-age students to the world of AI and help establish their understanding of this fast-developing and fascinating technology. Named AI in Schools, the program will provide not only captivating insights into this rapidly emerging scientific field but seek to further open students’ thinking to real-world contexts for their growing knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Developed by two of Neuranext’s co-founders, Dr Andrew Kyngdon and Adrian Tyson, AI in Schools will see students learn and discuss the history of AI, its scientific underpinnings, the technology’s current state of development, and its practical limitations. Students will also learn about AI’s possible realistic future applications and the supporting changes it could bring to workplaces, education and life in general.

Dr Kyngdon, a leading psychometrician and one of Australia’s top data scientists, says this unique education program is likely to help open learning and career pathways for Australia’s next generation of scientists.

“AI is the intersection of various important education subjects and it brings to life many of the concepts behind mathematics, science and computing,” he said. “As AI’s place in the world deepens it’s important our next generation of scientific minds are aware of its abilities and how it works and the AI in Schools program opens this door early in their education.”

The AI in Schools program has practical foundations. In addition to learning theoretical concepts, students will interact with Jupyter Notebooks, Python coding language, MNIST data sets and Neuranext’s own proprietary image classification AI platform as they learn to apply AI technology in settings such as computer-based classification of their own handwriting and using AI to categorize images they create at school.

The first school to welcome this incursion-based program is The Oaks Public School in the Macarthur District of New South Wales. School Principal Steven Hooke is delighted to be commencing the leading-edge education program and says its benefits have the potential to be far-reaching.

“Technologies such as artificial intelligence and their related fields of study will figure significantly in the lives of today’s young students, and not just in Australia but globally,” he said. “And to bring to our classrooms this rare opportunity to understand and interact with them could have huge positive influences on our students’ future education choices and their lives in general.”

The program’s scheduled launch is Monday 27 August 2018 and arrives with the support of the State Member for Camden, the Honourable Chris Patterson, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Employment in Western Sydney, who will be attending the inaugural session.

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